Unitex Designers Ltd

Company description:

Unitex Designers Ltd. which is one of the reputed Export oriented garments buying house in Bangladesh and in such business since 2003. Unitex Designers Ltd is a professional apparel Sourcing and manufacturing company which is located in Dhaka Bangladesh. We have own designers and strong QC to follow up the order strictly from fabric and accessories to the packing of final products. Our service include custom Sweaters, Pullovers, shirts, jeans, t shirts, polo-shirt sweatshirts etc. We provide high end products while being able to offer competitive price with price prompt delivery. We would like to draw your kind attention to go through our web site to get a bit of idea about our company www.unitexdesigners.com. We would appreciate your kind feedback to build a long term, feasible business relationship in near future. With thanks and best regards Raju Ahmed Managing Director Unitex Designers Ltd Unitex Knit composite Ltd Unitex trading Ltd Head Office: House: 08 Road: 18 (3rd floor) Nikuja-2 Khilkhet Dhaka Bangladesh Cell: +8801713314851 Skype: razudhk Mail: info@unitexdesigners.com Website: www.unitexdesigners.com

  • Contact details

    Address: Unitex Designers Ltd
    House: 08 Road :18 3rd floor Nikunja-2
    Dhaka, 1229, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 8801713314851
    WWW: www.unitexdesigners.com
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